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Dental Sedation in Brampton – For an Anxiety-Free Dental Experience

Don’t let fear of dental procedures stop you from getting the treatment you need. At Conestoga Dental Centre, we offer a variety of dental sedation techniques in Brampton that can be customized to fit your individual needs. Our compassionate team will work with you to make your experience here as comfortable as possible.

About the Procedure

Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and administered to the patient via a nasal mask. Patients breathe in and out normally as the concentration of nitrous oxide is adjusted to a comfortable level. The patient will remain awake and responsive, but anxiety level typically diminishes. The fee for nitrous oxide sedation depends upon the length of administration time. Many insurance companies will cover it.

Patients often feel much less inhibited about receiving treatment. Many patients report that appointments seem shorter than they actually were. After this short time, the effect of nitrous oxide ceases and the patient quickly recovers. At the end of the procedure, the nitrous oxide is turned off and the patient can return to work or to school right away.

Have Dental Anxiety? Here Are Some Tips

  • Distract yourself by listening to soothing music on your headset.
  • Keep your dentist informed about your dental anxiety before the appointment. This way we can help you address your concerns better.
  • Talk to your dentist about stopping the dental procedure when you become uncomfortable. This can help you feel more in control of the procedure and will let the dentist know when you are feeling uncomfortable.

To learn more about our dental sedation services, please contact us today.

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