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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Brampton

We see children as soon as their first tooth erupts to get them, and their parents, on the right path. We love children and have been successfully treating thousands of children over the past 25 years. Many of those children bring their own children to us.

We are often asked, “How important are baby teeth?” The answer is very important! The baby, or deciduous, teeth hold the places for developing adult teeth. Premature loss of a primary tooth can result in crowding of adult teeth or even an adult tooth being blocked from coming in properly. The primary teeth can get decayed, which
can lead to infection, which can affect the developing adult teeth. At Conestoga Dental Centre in Brampton, we provide pediatric dental care to infants, toddlers and adolescents.

Fluoride Treatment

Ensure your child uses fluoride toothpaste and receives fluoride treatments to develop and maintain healthy teeth and bones. It absorbs into the enamel of the teeth making them more resistant to acid producing bacteria.

Nursing Bottle Decay

When babies fall asleep nursing on a bottle or with breast milk on their teeth, cavities can occur as the sugar turns to acids and dissolves the tooth enamel. White spots and tooth discoloration are some of the early signs of tooth decay. It can compromise the development and proper eruption of the permanent tooth.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

Pit and fissure sealants are placed on the first set of permanent molars to protect the teeth from tooth decay. It is recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 13. Pit and fissure sealants are made of liquid plastic that bonds directly with the tooth surface. It lasts for about 6 to 7 years or longer.

We Love Children

Sometimes your child will need to have a dental procedure. The dentists at Conestoga Dental Centre are highly trained to deal with all aspects of pediatric dentistry and will provide gentle, compassionate care for your children.


Bacteria in plaque use sugar in the mouth to produce an enzyme that will effect the enamel of teeth. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, children’s chewables and refined sugars in candy can stick to their teeth and cause tooth decay. Make sure your child rinses the mouth with clear water after each meal.

Dr. Bregman and his staff address your oral care needs by offering flexible hours. You can conveniently schedule an appointment after work or school. Please contact us today.

Dental Problems?

Oral care is a phone call away.

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