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Periodontics Dentistry

Periodontal Dental Care Brampton – Treatment for GUMs

Whether you have healthy gums or gingivitis, or periodontal disease, routine dental maintenance is necessary to prevent these problems. Conestoga Dental Centre provides periodontal dental care to the residents of Brampton and the surrounding area. We have multiple hygienists to help, treat and maintain your periodontal conditions.

Bacteria normally found in the mouth can cause periodontal (or gum)
disease, resulting in tooth loss. These bacteria live off the supporting
structures of the teeth, such as bone. As the bacteria eat away at the
structures that support the teeth in your jaw, these teeth can loosen and even eventually fall out completely. Periodontal disease rarely causes any pain until it is in the most advanced and serious stages, at which time the condition may be too late to reverse.

When left untreated, gum disease can lead to numerous health issues and can permanently mar your smile. Gum disease can often be controlled by daily
flossing, brushing, and regular cleanings. In our office, the dentist will check your gums and, if necessary, a certified periodontist on our staff will treat more advanced cases of periodontal disease.

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