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Preventive Dentistry

Prevention Is Better Than Cure – Preventive Dentistry in Brampton

Research has shown that the preventive dental care has reduced the incidence of dental decay in individuals who are cavity-prone. To assist in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay, Conestoga Dental Centre provides dental sealants to the residents of Brampton. Plaque and tartar can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Our dental hygienist will remove these substances, as well as polish and remove stains from your teeth. We remove your plaque and tartar, screen your mouth for oral cancer, monitor your gum condition and take X-rays as needed.

Pit & Fissure Sealants

Dental sealants are recommended for maximum protection of primary and permanent teeth against tooth decay. They are plastic coatings that are easily applied to the back teeth (usually in children and adolescents) to help prevent cavities. Not all teeth need to be sealed. Our dentist will determine the need for sealants at the check-up appointment and a separate appointment is needed to apply the sealants.

Preventive dental care reduces the need for more complex and costly procedures. Contact us to schedule a dental appointment at your earliest convenience.

Dental Problems?

Oral care is a phone call away.

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